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About Us Lead personnel Linda Jaramillo: Lead Sales Representative and Media Coverage Vincent Railsback: Head Technician and Production Manager Jake Harrington: Project Manager Max Harrington: Media Marketing Manager Services All information that follows is subject to change based on the event and circumstances. All services can be customized to fit convention/event type, time, audience, etc. Gaming Our gaming league involving anyone that wants to participate from adults to kiddos. Centered around anything from videos games to table top gaming events. We have Equipment 50+ Consoles with all available controllers and games upon request 40+ high response TV's A high quality streaming setup and technicians with the ability to rival any other high end streamer out there. Projectors. Partnerships to be able to customize your event or convention with our services. Event Services Personnel We have people that have been actively participating in the community for over 10 years who care about the community and the games they play. Ticketing services We can partner with specific ticketing services websites that are privately owned to ensure a totally customized event down to the ticketing event web page. UPON REQUEST! Media The Slurred Nerd Media has an assortment of coverage options that have been made to fit any event. Whether it be participation based or simply let us do the entertaining or even the Media coverage! We have the talent, experience and the equipment to allow you to sit back and enjoy your hard work. Hosting Panels. Every now and again plans change and life happens, people cancel, it’s a fact of life and event planning. We at, “The Slurred Nerd” have you covered whether plans change or you simply don’t have enough hosts for your panels, we have a number of hosts with different talents and experience with video games, movies, pop-culture, stand-up comedy, cosplay, anime, improvisational comedy, comics, television, writing and much, much more. Collectively our hosts have 15 years of hosting podcasts and local events as personalities. As long as we have time to do research on the topic and to develop questions, you are assured to have a quality panel hosted by charismatic fans that care about quality. Live Podcast Panels Having spent many hours doing live entertainment for all ages, The Slurred Nerd has the experience to entertain any kind of audience. While it is recommended that we have panels of 18 years of age and up, we guarantee the type of entertainment to keep your attendees coming back for laughs and learning. All we would need is our name posted clearly during the panel, information on the age group, any potential guests that you would like us to invite and the time/date. During this panel we would be posting video and audio live and recording for later use. Your event logo could be posted with the live feed if communication and certain communication happens. This is subject to change. Media Coverage We have the equipment and the necessary experience speaking to professional actors, directors, and the like. The press aspect of “The Slurred Nerd” is the easiest way for your event to get brand recognition. All we need is the proper passes and/or badges in order to gain access to certain opportunities that we would need in order for us to do our job properly.

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